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Explore Top-Quality Quartzite Countertops Chicago: Your Guide to Durable Beauty

Looking for Quartzite Countertops Chicago?

This resource will guide you in selecting the perfect quartzite surfaces for your kitchen or bathroom, addressing durability, costs, and the distinct beauty of this natural stone.

Here, we’ll also spotlight local expertise and our showroom in the Chicago area, ensuring you make an informed choice that elevates your home’s interior.

Key Takeaways

  • Quartzite countertops in Chicago are valued for their durability, with a Mohs hardness rating of 7, combined with natural beauty showcasing a range of colors and intricate veining patterns, making them suitable for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • These countertops provide easy maintenance for homeowners, requiring only mild soap and water for cleaning and infrequent sealing, and they come in various styles to complement both traditional and contemporary home aesthetics.
  • The cost of quartzite countertops in Chicago ranges from $60 to $200 per square foot, with a transparent pricing model and professional installation by experienced specialists, and homeowners can explore a vast selection in local showrooms such as Stone City’s 25,000 square foot showroom.

Exploring the Best Quartzite Countertops in Chicago

Illustration of elegant quartzite countertops in a modern kitchen

Quartzite countertops are renowned for their robust strength, making them an excellent choice for high-use areas in the home like the kitchen and bathroom. But the appeal of quartzite extends beyond its durability. Its natural beauty, exemplified by the intricate veining patterns and wide range of colors, makes it a standout choice for modern home aesthetics. In comparison, quartz countertops also offer a durable and visually appealing option for homeowners. With quartzite kitchen countertops, you can enjoy both the practicality and the stunning appearance that this material offers.

No wonder quartzite countertops are becoming increasingly popular in Chicago homes, just like granite countertops!

Spotlight on Quartzite: The Ideal Stone for Your Home

Why is quartzite the perfect stone for your home? The answer lies in its impressive durability and resistance. With a Mohs hardness rating of 7, quartzite is exceptionally tough. It stands up well to scratches, chips, and cracks, making it a trustworthy material for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. This celebrated durability positions quartzite as the go-to choice for high-traffic areas in the home.

Selecting the Right Stone: Quartzite’s Unique Patterns and Colors


3cm Taj Mahal Slab

In terms of aesthetics, quartzite is a true eye-catcher among natural stones, embodying timeless beauty. It offers a spectrum of colors ranging from classic whites and grays to distinctive hues like pink, gold, blue, green, or red. Each color is influenced by the unique minerals present during the stone’s natural formation.

These varying hues and intricate patterns can set the tone of your kitchen or bathroom, creating a serene and airy feel with lighter shades or fostering a warm and welcoming ambiance with earthier tones.

From Quarry to Kitchen: The Journey of Chicago’s Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed under intense heat and pressure from sandstone. This process results in a dense, scratch, and abrasion-resistant material that is then meticulously cut, polished, and sealed to transform it into your dream kitchen or bathroom countertop.

High-quality quartzite is sourced globally by experts who ensure that the material is processed and installed according to rigorous industry standards.

Unveiling the Enduring Charm of Quartzite Countertops


quartzite countertops in a stylish kitchen

The charm of quartzite countertops lies in their balance between functionality and personal style. The natural veining patterns of quartzite slabs, reminiscent of marble, enhance the aesthetic appeal of kitchens, while their robustness and durability cater to practical needs. With granite marble as an alternative option, homeowners can choose the perfect material for their countertops.

Indeed, quartzite countertops are an ideal choice for multifunctional kitchen spaces that are not just cooking zones, but also places for family gatherings, socializing with friends, or even workstations.

Resisting the Ravages of Time: Durability Meets Elegance

A major advantage of quartzite countertops is their capacity to withstand the test of time. Owing to their exceptional density, quartzite countertops are impervious to scratching and etching, which makes them a low-maintenance solution for high-traffic areas such as kitchen counters.

But the durability of quartzite doesn’t stop there. As a durable stone, they are also resistant to chipping and staining, allowing them to maintain their integrity and appearance over time.

Maintenance Made Simple: Caring for Your Quartzite Countertop

Although they present a luxurious appearance, quartzite countertops boast surprisingly easy upkeep. A soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water are all you need for daily cleaning, which makes them a convenient option for busy homeowners. They also don’t require frequent sealing compared to other stone types, which is another time and cost-saving benefit. To maintain their pristine condition, it’s best to avoid using abrasive cleaners on these surfaces.

And when sealed properly, quartzite countertops are 100% stain-resistant and can withstand harsh chemicals without damage.

Pairing Quartzite with Your Chicago Home’s Aesthetic

When choosing quartzite countertops for your home, keep in mind the overall design style of your kitchen or bathroom. Regardless of whether your home follows a traditional or contemporary design, you can find a quartzite countertop that will integrate seamlessly while enhancing the space with a hint of luxury.

For instance, if you have a galley, L-shaped, or U-shaped kitchen layout with high stacking of counters and shelves, pairing quartzite countertops with dark cabinets can optimize space and appeal.

3cm Gabana quartzite


Harmonizing Natural Elements: Quartzite with Wood and Tile

Beyond cabinetry, quartzite countertops can also be coordinated with kitchen floors and backsplashes to create a harmonious design. By selecting complementary or contrasting colors, you can create a cohesive look that enhances the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

For instance, subway tile backsplashes offer a classic yet versatile look that pairs well with the unique beauty of quartzite countertops, contributing to a multifunctional kitchen space.

Cost and Installation: Investing in Quartzite Countertops in Chicago

Investing in quartzite countertops in Chicago means understanding not only the costs but also the installation process. Typical prices range from $60 to $200 per square foot, inclusive of installation, with some quartzite colors like Cristallo reaching upwards of $200 per square foot due to the difficulty in cutting such varieties.

After a consultation and estimation, the installation process includes the following steps:

  1. Templating
  2. Contract signing
  3. Fabrication
  4. Installation

The installation is typically completed between 4 to 10 days after cabinet installation.

Transparent Pricing: No Hidden Fees for Your Quartzite Countertop

When it comes to cost, Stone City Chicago contractors pledge to offer transparent pricing for quartzite countertops. This pricing is competitive, accurately reflecting the cost of the quartzite material and accompanying services. Customers can rest assured that they will not be subjected to any hidden fees.

By eliminating unnecessary intermediaries in the pricing structure, direct savings are passed on to the customer, making quartzite countertops an affordable luxury.

Expert Installation: The Role of Chicago’s Experienced Team

The installation of quartzite countertops requires a professional team due to the material’s heavy weight of around 20 pounds per square foot. That’s where Chicago’s experienced installation teams come in. Trained professionals handle the delicacy and weight of quartzite countertops, ensuring the natural beauty and durability of the material is enhanced from the time they are mined, cut, polished, and sealed before arriving in Chicago homes.

Showcasing Local Excellence: Chicago’s Quartzite Countertop Showrooms

While we’ve given you a taste of quartzite countertops’ allure, the best way to appreciate their beauty is to see them for yourself. In the Chicago area, including all over Illinois, we specialize in fabricating quartzite countertops, offering a wide spectrum of colors and vein patterns.

Stone City features a 25,000 square foot showroom in Chicago, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore a vast selection of quartzite countertops along with other materials like granite and quartz.

Discovering Your Dream Slab: A Visit to the Showroom


If your goal is to find your perfect quartzite slab, touring the showroom is indispensable. Venture into our spacious showroom to discover a broad range of top-tier countertops.

From classic whites and grays to unique hues like pink, gold, blue, green, or red, you’re sure to find a quartzite countertop that fits both your aesthetic and functional desires.

Quality and Service: What to Expect from Chicago’s Experts

Choosing a quartzite countertop from one of Chicago’s showrooms means more than just investing in a piece of natural stone. It also opens the door to a realm of expertise and high-quality service in design granite. With over 80,000 successful installations, Stone City in Chicago is a testament to the extensive experience and expertise available locally.

Whether you need Custom Countertop Design, Laminate Installation, Solid-Surface Installation, or Countertop Removal, you can expect comprehensive customer service.


In conclusion, quartzite countertops are a worthy investment for your home. Their unique blend of durability, beauty, and low-maintenance appeal makes them a top choice for Chicago homeowners. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, or building a new home, quartzite countertops provide a balance between functionality and personal style that can elevate any space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes quartzite an ideal stone for countertops?

Quartzite’s durability and resistance to scratches, chips, and cracks make it an ideal choice for high-use areas like kitchens and bathrooms. It is renowned for its reliability.

How do I maintain my quartzite countertop?

To maintain your quartzite countertop, simply use a soft cloth and mild soap with warm water for daily cleaning, as they require minimal upkeep and infrequent sealing compared to other stone types.

How do I select the right quartzite countertop for my home’s aesthetic?

Select the right quartzite countertop for your home by considering the overall design style of your kitchen or bathroom, ensuring it seamlessly blends in while adding a touch of luxury.

What is the cost of a quartzite countertop in Chicago?

The cost of a quartzite countertop in Chicago typically ranges from $60 to $200 per square foot, including installation.

Where can I see a selection of quartzite countertops in Chicago?

You can see a selection of quartzite countertops at Stone City’s 25,000 square foot showroom in Chicago, which also offers granite and quartz options. Check it out for a wide range of materials to choose from.

Contact us to learn more today or book an appointment for our showroom now.


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